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Primary Technology & Manufacturing Partner

Zhejiang Rexense Technology Limited stands as one of the earliest high technology companies to offer a wireless ZigBee network solution. Specializing in the development of ZigBee technology, Rexense now has their own RexBee, end to end, plug and play, wireless solution. With 20 patents either in place or pending, Rexense currently provides wireless network technology solutions to a variety of industries.

The skills of the managing team of advanced engineers at Rexense have been utilized by large corporations in the evolving smart energy utility market space. Most recently, Rexense successfully completed a development contract for the Smart Metering Implementation Program in the UK. On a domestic basis, Rexense is directly involved with the leading university in China dedicated to education and scientific research as it relates to ZigBee smart energy development. Rexense technology development has been applied to numerous applications including AMR/AMI, home automation, security systems, building control, HVAC, logistics management, data acquisition and control.

Products currently available from Rexense include ZigBee wireless modules, development kits, wireless collector, gateway, and software. Rexense complies with IEEE international standards as well as FCC, CE, & UL compliance as required in global markets.

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Technology Deployment Partner

The Trinity Energy Group (founded in 2006) delivers a wide variety of energy related services. From energy audits to carrying out complex energy loss studies, the Trinity team of Energy Efficiency Consultants has built themselves an outstanding reputation in Atlantic Canada. It was only a natural progression that Trinity Inspection Services became an official energy audit and product installation partner for Efficiency Nova Scotia, the premiere agency acting on behalf of the province to bring energy savings to both residents and industry alike.

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Algorithm Analytics Cloud Partner

Bidgely is committed to enabling utilities to meet their demand-side energy goals by fully engaging and satisfying their customers. They do this by making energy conservation effortless by disaggregating data collected from AMI enabled meters into itemized appliance level consumption. Through the use of detailed pattern recognition software, Bidgely eliminates the need for plug level sensors while still being able to provide detailed energy data related to each specific load. This allows customers to understand exactly where they are using energy and empowers them to make informed decisions leading to conservation outcomes.

Bidgely’s cloud based consumer engagement platform includes real time energy demand, historical data, graphs, itemized appliance level data, and personalized recommendations to assist customers to reduce their use of energy. Their “Home Beat Agent” provides the same detailed analytic information to utility call centres assisting them to resolve high bill disputes with their customers in a meaningful and informative manner.

Bidgely addresses both the utility’s energy efficiency objectives and the consumer’s need to make energy conservation both easy and interactive.

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HAN Partner

Energate is the leader in interactive energy management solutions and products for utilities and their residential customers. It provides a complete solution that includes software, portals, mobile applications, and wireless devices such as gateways, smart thermostats, load control switches, and consumer energy displays.

Energate’s Interactive Energy Management Solutions leverage the Smart Grid to mitigate supply and demand challenges, increase the use of renewables, and utilize dynamic rate structures. With Energate’s standards-based open Consumer Connected Demand Response™ (CCDR) platform, utilities can interactively address residential demand, and can empower their customers to more effectively manage energy use while not compromising their comfort and convenience.

Founded in 2004, Energate is headquartered in Ottawa with offices in Houston, Seattle, Spokane, and Los Angeles.

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AMI Partner

Trilliant is a Smart Grid Communications company, providing utilities with wireless mesh equipment to enable communication networks throughout the electric grid. The focus is on providing end to end communications networks that span from the head end operations centre to all devices on the grid, not only meters and in home management devices, but also sub stations and grid devices such as transformers and capacitor banks. Trilliant Solutions help utilities to deploy Smart Grid networks throughout their entire territory to improve energy efficiency, integrate renewable resources, and optimize grid operations.

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