The Rexense ZigBee Light Link (ZLL)

The Rexense ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) is an intelligent compact energy management lighting control system capable of providing secure, automated control, over a wide variety of high efficiency lighting in both residential and commercial applications.

From large energy conservation projects involving thousands of lights in factories and office buildings to providing intricate control* over lighting temperature, brightness and colour in residential applications, the ZLL brings an entirely new level of advanced lighting control functionality to the marketplace.

Working with industry partners Osram and Honyar, amongst others, the ZLL functions with a wide variety of energy efficient LED light bulbs. This means end users are most often able to simply retrofit new bulbs into existing fixtures as opposed to fixture replacement involving invasive rewiring.

While the ZigBee Light Link is capable of controlling individual light bulbs, groups of hundreds of light bulbs may be created for ease of operation and energy savings in large lighting installations.

The ZLL is also building automation capable, so secure advanced control may also be extended to other compatible energy control devices such as receptacles.

In the latest addition to our ZLL technology, our smart phone apps add an entirely new level of secure wireless convenience from anywhere.

* Intricate control related to light temperature, brightness, and bulb colour may only be achieved when appropriate intelligent LED bulbs are deployed.

Functionality of the ZigBee Light Link (ZLL)

1) Master, wireless control of lighting as required from individual light bulbs to groups of fixtures with hundreds of light bulbs. All aspects of the automation and control are easily programmed using the ZLL software or smart phone app.

2) Intricate lighting control exceeds on/off functionality to include the individual control of light colour and temperature, by single light or groups of lights.

3)ZLL using the RG 4100 provides outstanding connectivity with multiple communications interfaces. This approach provides secure and reliable lighting control.

4) The ZLL may also be used to control other building automation hardware such as receptacles.

5) The user can see the status of all controlled lighting and building automation devices.

ZLL Durability, Versatility & Reliability

1) The ZigBee Light Link uses the Silicon Lab EM357 which is amongst the best chips in the marketplace with an output of 8dbm.

2) For custom applications, the ZLL has a very short development time line which decreases costs related to specialized energy management system requirements.

3) The ZLL is built for life in the real world with a working temperature for continuous operation from minus 40 degrees Celsius to plus 125 degrees Celsius.

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