RG4100 Multifunction Gateway

The RG4100 is the new generation, compact-size, multifunction, smart home gateway. Powered by industrial leading technologies, this small device is capable of multiple connectivity. The new Plug & Play design enables users with no configuration experience to install the device as it starts working when the Ethernet cable is plugged in. The RG4100 will also function as a traditional home Wi-Fi router, capable of providing high speed web browsing.

Technical Overview of Capabilities

  • functionality of a traditional WiFi router
  • bi directional data transmitting between WiFi and ZigBee
  • WAN setting of dynamic IP/PPPoE and static IP
  • CTS/RTS flow control to realize high speed data transmitting
  • WPS encryption, access control and Qos
  • Virtual service, DMZ Host setting, UPnP setting
  • Dynamic domain name (DDNS) and FTP service
  • Firmware updating through WiFi
  • Wireless safety setting of WEP, WPA, WPA-2-PSK
  • WPA2 encryption

Compact Size and Advanced Design

While the RG4100 is only about one quarter the size of traditional Wi-Fi router, it is capable of many advanced features and functionality. It all starts with industry leading components, precision PCB construction, and a rugged case for use in the real world.

Plug & Play Without Configuration

The RG4100 is the easiest smart gateway to deploy as it starts to work as soon as it is plugged into a router with the supplied LAN cable.

Powerful 4-in-1 Connectivity

Designed for multiple connectivity, the RG4100 will interface with ZigBee, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G (via USB port with optional “Y” cable). It may also be used as a traditional home Wi-Fi router for 150M high speed web browsing.

Ultra-reliable Networking

Our industrial class wireless technology enables 365*24-hour continuous reliable real-time functioning with our proven anti-interference mechanism.

High Security Protection

Communications via all interfaces are encrypted with high standard industrial protocols to guarantee the security of information and prevent network attacks.

International Standard for Interoperability

With compliance of ZigBee HA profile, the RG4100 is interoperable with sensors from other vendors which significantly expands the range of applications for customers.


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