RG 4100+ Smart Cube


Our RG 4100 Smart Cube is an advanced technology multifunction gateway which provides complex communications and control while operating as a HAN device within an AMI network. The smart cube is specifically designed to exceed expectations with its outstanding versatility, reliability, functionality and ease of use for individual utility customers.

From secure demand response load control, to providing data for algorithm analytics, to communications with HVAC or renewable energy systems, the Smart Cube is the data and control solution for today’s complex utility networks.

The Smart Cube also operates as a secure high speed, plug and play, wireless router. In mass utility deployments, homes without a router are no longer a problem as the Smart Cube itself will provide the homeowner with a secure wireless internet connection.

Our latest plug and play design enables end users with no experience whatsoever to utilize the advanced features of the Smart Cube as it starts working on its own when the ethernet cable is plugged in. Additionally, if the power goes off or there is a loss of internet connectivity, the Smart Cube starts working on its own without customer intervention when services are restored.

Please refer to our data sheet for more detailed information regarding this outstanding product.


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